Oh, look there’s a riot.

Riot 2011:  cars on fire in downtown Vancouver

Yup. Hockey Riot 2011. The second time the Canucks have lost in the final Stanley Cup game and some Vancouverites just can’t handle it. My hometown  has made the news with a bunch of destructive idiots taking the opportunity of a gathered crowd to riot. Just for the point of rioting. This is the worst part – they weren’t fighting against anything. Just behaving badly. They weren’t protesting to uphold human rights, not striving to change things for the better…nope. Just breaking shit.

I watched that Wednesday evening hockey game with friends at a house in Vancouver just outside downtown. Good job Canucks…better job Boston. I’ve grown up with the Canucks as my team – but we have the classic saying – there’s always next year! Shortly after the game ended I saw black plumes of smoke rising from the downtown core. Oh. no. Shit. Really, People? Damn. Some of my friends were downtown – they texted that it was getting bad there so they were trying to get out.

Chapters on Robson and Howe, downtown Van

It was also nice to see the next day when folks came out and helped clean up. Plywood boards put up over broken windows became a space for message of love, apology, and calls for respect. This reminds me of writing on the cast on your friend’s broken arm.

I wonder if part of the reason why so many people were drawn into destructive and aggressive behaviours is that life is so complacent for us – so easy, so many choices, so free. There is a lack of fighting for survival – which is what our ancestors did for thousands of years…maybe we miss it? Rioting and looting is misdirected of course – but maybe at its core is a restless striving energy. Maybe some people need to get out and run around some more.


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