DIY Canadian Penny Wall Project

In winter, when the air outside is damp cold and the daylight brief, I tend to cocoon at home more than in brighter months. Home-based activities increase, like sewing, recycled crafting, yoga, making homemade dish soap (hmm) and food projects like sprouting and fermenting. I spend more time focused on solo projects, and somewhat less time on collaborative. It’s a slower, sloggier time of year, where it takes longer to get out the door because of the layers and scarves and mittens. My energy stores tend to be lower with the sun scarcity. My sunglasses are lonely and ignored. The rain jacket gets out almost as much as I do.

What to do? It’s January 9th, 2013. Perhaps I’ve got apartment fever, but in rummaging through a box of things I came across two older Canadian pennies – one was 1950 and has a dude on the back (most pennies have the Queen of England on the back)  The other penny was from 1969. YEAH WOOOO 69!!!

This discovery of rad pennies, along with the news that the Canadian mint would soon cease producing the copper penny forever…gurgled and bubbled in my head and an idea popped out:

I shall start a penny wall project! With one penny for each year, stuck in order. A project that anybody who comes over can participate in! I stuck a few pennies on my wall in chronological order, spacing them out so there are 5 pennies per row (so 5 years). The upper left one is the 1950 one. I expect as the missing years narrow down that it will feel like quite a feat to find the penny that fits a gap! Oh, my, dead-of-winter excitement!

Pennies stuck to the wall

Pennies stuck to the wall


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