Penny Project Prevails

slowly getting filled in as friends contribute

Day 18 – slowly getting filled in as friends contribute

Ever since the Canadian penny started to be detained by the banking system, never to be sent out again, on Feb 4, 2013, I think more about using pennies in cash exchanges. Plus this penny project says hello to me every day —–>>

The feds say the penny costs more to produce than it is worth. It’s mostly made of steel, since early 2000s. Before that, zinc, and before that, copper. They produced the last penny back in May 2012, but non profit organizations doth protested about the immediate removal from circulation – planning time for fundraising drive to take advantage of the penny’s fall from favour.

Now that the claws of extinction are pawing at the penny, a Penny Project seems right. The penny will still remain legal tender, and no doubt be around for awhile…but don’t be surprised if one day you think, hey, I haven’t seen a penny in forever!  But we will be able to gaze at my penny wall, and say, ah yes…I remember the penny…here it is…

So a funny thing about the first month of the penny project.

nom nom nom

nom nom nom

We had some fun folks over, and were merry.

And the penny project got lots of action that night!

now it's a game of finding the penny that's missing

now it’s a game of finding the penny that’s missing

Over the next week or so, folks who came by added a penny here, a penny there.

I just took a closer look. And realized the pattern was broken in about 5 places. At least!

It should be

1950-1954 in the top row

1955-1959 in the next row down

1960-1964 in the third, and so on. It is not.

I’m gonna have to fix this!


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