the New Penny Order

After getting so cosy with the penny, I’ve noticed how very much not the same they all are.I don’t just mean that the new ones are shiny and the older ones are dirty. So I did a little looking up info about the penny…

I learned that from 1942 to 1996, pennies were made from 98% copper, plus a bit of tin (up to 1.75%) and a pinch of zinc (up to 1.5%). After that, it was a radical change to zinc with copper plating (zoweee!).  In the late 2000s, zinc gave way to steel coins with copper plating.

They vary in size too. Not a lot of variance, but a little!

Another way they vary is in shape. While the penny was usually round in shape, in the 80s and 90s, the penny was 12-sided. TWELVE! Dizzying really.

And yeah, the wall hasn’t grown much – I’ve been away and busy and haven’t invited many folks over, etc…

To be continued…but for now…see below for a sight that makes you go, why?? Seen on the ground at the park. Fruit loops with pasta. Why.




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